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Your Guide to Types of Bong and Other Must-Know Bong Facts


Are you attempting to determine extra about bongs? Learn this text to be taught in regards to the several types of bongs and different key details.

Are you seeking to purchase a bong, however aren’t fairly certain which one to decide on?

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In relation to smoking marijuana or CBD, a bong is likely one of the finest gadgets to make use of. Nonetheless, with so many alternative selections in the marketplace, it might typically be troublesome to resolve which bong is best for you. 

To start your bong-buying journey, it may be useful to be taught in regards to the several types of bongs obtainable. 

Try this information to be taught in regards to the several types of bongs in addition to different must-know bong details. 

What Is a Bong? 

Earlier than we dive into the several types of bongs, we first want to debate precisely what a bong is. As you in all probability already know, a bong is a tool that’s used to smoke dry herbs, with some of the standard herbs being marijuana. 

Bongs work by heating the herb by diffusing it by means of water. When the herb heats up, it produces smoke, which the bong filters earlier than it reaches your lips. 

Whereas bongs are available quite a lot of sizes and styles, all bongs include the identical fundamental parts. Each bong is comprised of a:

  • Stem: This can be a tube that the smoke travels by means of after the herb has been heated 
  • Bowl: That is the place the herb that’s being smoked is positioned 
  • Mouthpiece: That is the place you inhale the smoke from 
  • Water chamber: Linked to the mouthpiece, that is additionally the place you inhale smoke from

Many bongs additionally include percolators, which assist to additional filter and funky the smoke. 

Varieties of Bongs: Supplies 

Now that you recognize in regards to the fundamentals of bongs, let’s discuss in regards to the several types of bongs in the marketplace. In relation to selecting a bong, there are two predominant issues you want to have a look at: materials and magnificence. 

Let’s begin by speaking in regards to the completely different bong supplies:


Glass is definitely the most well-liked materials used for bongs. 

Folks like glass bongs as a result of they provide a clear, pure style that doesn’t have an effect on the flavour of the herb. As a result of glass is clear, it’s straightforward to inform when there’s a resin build-up. 

Moreover, cleansing a glass bong could be very straightforward. 

Nonetheless, glass bongs are typically costlier than different bong supplies. 


After glass, plastic is the second hottest bong materials. Plastic is extraordinarily sturdy, and it’s additionally less expensive in comparison with different supplies. 

For those who plan to journey loads along with your bong, plastic is normally your best option, as you’ll by no means have to fret about it cracking or shattering. The one actual draw back to plastic bongs is that they’ll considerably have an effect on the style of the herb. 


For these seeking to purchase an aesthetically-pleasing bong that could be very distinctive in its form and design, ceramic bongs are the reply. 

Ceramic clay is extraordinarily malleable, which suggests it’s straightforward to discover a ceramic bong that may double as a bit of gorgeous art work. Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that ceramic bongs are heavy and fragile, so that they’re not the perfect for touring. 


Bamboo bongs are significantly standard in Thailand and different Asian international locations the place the bamboo plant is reasonable and plentiful. 

Whereas bamboo bongs resemble wooden, bamboo is definitely a grass. Nonetheless, when it’s fully dry, it has the feel and appear of wooden. 

Whereas bamboo will have an effect on the style of the herb being smoked, many people who smoke like the extra taste it provides. You’ll find bamboo bongs in many alternative kinds, and it’s additionally a really sturdy materials. 


Whereas metallic isn’t as standard as another supplies, it’s nonetheless a terrific possibility. Metallic is cheap, sturdy, and long-lasting. 

Nonetheless, metallic can have an effect on the style of your herbs, and it might typically be troublesome to inform when a metallic bong must be cleaned. 

Varieties of Bongs: Designs 

As we talked about earlier, the design of the bong is one other essential issue to take into accounts. Listed here are a few of the hottest designs to think about:


Carburetor bongs comprise a gap within the center that produces a extra intense hit. If you take away your finger from the carburetor, the outlet brings recent air into the pipe. 

This air then forces the smoke to hit your lungs extra shortly, and it makes it simpler so that you can inhale all of the pipe’s contents. 


A beaker-shaped bong seems similar to the beakers you utilize in science class, therefore the identify.

As a consequence of their giant base, these bongs are favored due to their stability. 


The design of the straight-tube bong could be very easy. The sort of bong consists of a small tube that’s sealed at one finish with a stem and has the bowl poking out the aspect. 

To make use of this bong, all you want to do is place your herb within the bowl, put just a little water within the tube, and also you’re off to the races. 


These are much like beaker bongs in that in addition they include a wider base. Nonetheless, the bottom is sphere-shaped with a flat backside. 

This makes it barely much less steady than the beaker bong, however the mechanics are nonetheless the identical and it’s nonetheless a terrific possibility. 


Also called a bubbler bong, this bong can tackle many alternative shapes. What makes it distinctive is that it comprises a percolator. 

As we talked about earlier, the percolator acts as an added filter. 


Also called a recycler bong, this sort of bong comprises a straight tube that’s separated into two chambers. 

These two chambers are linked by one other tube or third chamber that permits the smoke to be filtered twice. 

Varieties of Bongs: Wrap Up 

Now that you recognize in regards to the several types of bongs, it’s time to resolve which one is best for you. Earlier than you recognize it, you’ll be taking successful out of your model new bong!

You should definitely verify again in with our weblog for extra CBD and marijuana-related information and suggestions. 


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