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Yoga and Meditation for Better Sleep During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Up till just a few weeks in the past, I used to be somebody who had zero issues falling and staying asleep. My head would hit the pillow and I’d be O-U-T till my alarm went off within the morning. However then the Coronavirus Pandemic rocked my world. Every thing shut down, the inventory market tanked, rest room paper grew to become a sizzling commodity, and nothing was sure anymore. I’d discover myself mentally exhausted on the finish of the day, go to sleep for just a few hours after which be wakeful with my thoughts going continuous with what if’s and fear. After all, it didn’t assist that I’d attain for my cellphone at the moment and plow by means of information story after information story eager to know extra however on the similar time not eager to know anymore.

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I do know I’m not alone with this new drawback. I’m not making an attempt to emphasize you out however now isn’t the time to stint on sleep. Sleep is without doubt one of the finest issues we will do for our immune system. When you’re sleep disadvantaged, your stress ranges skyrocket. It’s a vicious cycle that the 2 feed off of.

Final week, whereas I used to be scrolling by means of my Instagram feed earlier than mattress (clearly, I don’t comply with the no electronics earlier than mattress recommendation!), I discovered an Instagram Live guided meditation session from my yoga studio. The visible image is what bought me first – sundown on a lake, with a lantern on a dock. I switched on the amount and instantly heard the sound of the water lapping towards the dock. A flash of glad reminiscences and an immediate calmness came to visit me.

As I listened to Bethany for these 11 minutes, I discovered myself in that in-between state of awake and sleep. I wasn’t pondering of something however the current and what Bethany was speaking me by means of. When it was over, I felt pure leisure. And what the perfect half was? I had the perfect sleep that night time. I didn’t get up as soon as and felt fully rested within the morning.

It’s now a part of my nightly routine…after watching Tiger King in fact.

If you’re desirous about meditation apps, HERE are a few of my favorites.

One other method to fight insomnia is yoga. I normally do yoga within the morning or after a run. Pre-bedtime yoga has develop into my new fave.

Yoga is a pure stress fighter. It calms your
respiration, lowers your blood stress and coronary heart fee, reduces stress within the
physique and clears the thoughts. Sure postures can prepared your physique for mattress by
calming and enjoyable the thoughts and releasing stress.

I’ve began doing these 5 poses beneath and guided meditation within the night as a part of my wind-down routine. Prepared to start? Maintain every pose gently for 10-15 breaths or how ever lengthy feels best for you. Be at liberty to do these poses anyplace. Even in mattress…though a seated ahead fold may be a greater choice than standing.

5 Yoga Poses for Higher Sleep

– The proper pose for resting and enjoyable as you
relaxation your brow on the bottom.

To do that pose: Kneel in your mat along with your knees hips-width distance aside and your large toes touching behind you. Take a deep breath in and, as you exhale, lay your torso over your thighs. Relaxation your arms beside your legs, with palms going through up, or strive extending your arms out in entrance of you.

Ahead Fold
– This pose is nice for relieving
complications but additionally relieving stress within the shoulders and decrease again.

To do that pose: Standing tall, fold ahead with a straight again. Tuck your chin in towards your chest, chill out your shoulders, and prolong the crown of the top towards the ground to create a protracted backbone, straightening your legs as a lot as doable or preserve a bend in your knees to relaxation your torso in your thighs. Place your palms on the bottom or grasp reverse elbows for a Rag Doll place.

– Twists are nice for twisting out the stomach. The
torso holds a number of stress for most individuals.

To do that pose: Sit tall on a blanket and cross your ankles. Inhale and carry your backbone, and exhale as you’re taking your left hand to your outer proper knee. Place your proper hand to the ground behind you for help. Inhale and lengthen; exhale and twist deeper. Change sides and repeat the sequence.

Up the Wall
– Keep on this pose for 3-5 minutes to
enable the blood to hurry again to the guts fairly than pool in your decrease

To do that pose: Sit near a wall, lie again onto the bottom, then scoot your buttocks as near the wall as doable and ship your legs up. Relaxation along with your arms by your sides.


– What higher method to prepared your self for sleep than mendacity in your again, letting
the bottom help you. Deal with slowing your respiration and clearing your thoughts.

To do that pose: Lie again, letting your legs and arms chill out. Carry your consideration to your breath.

*No pics for the final two poses as a result of they’re just about precisely what the title says. 😉

Are you having hassle with sleep?

What do you do for a greater nights sleep?

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