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New warning on coronavirus symptoms in children — what parents need to know – Harvard Health Blog


Whereas most youngsters who get COVID-19 have a light and even asymptomatic sickness, there are new experiences that some youngsters could have a complication that may be extreme and harmful.

Referred to as pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (PMIS), it will possibly result in life-threatening issues with the center and different organs within the physique. Early experiences in contrast it to Kawasaki illness, an inflammatory sickness that may result in coronary heart issues. However whereas some instances look very very similar to Kawasaki’s, others have been completely different. Specialists assume that PMIS is probably going a response of the physique to both a present or previous COVID-19 an infection — however there’s a lot we don’t perceive, together with why some youngsters with PMIS have destructive exams for COVID-19.

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What are the signs of the brand new inflammatory syndrome generally known as PMIS?

Signs of PMIS differ from case to case, however can embody

  • extended fever (greater than a few days)
  • rash
  • conjunctivitis (redness of the white a part of the attention)
  • stomachache
  • vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • a big, swollen lymph node within the neck
  • purple, cracked lips
  • a tongue that’s redder than common and appears like a strawberry
  • swollen arms and/or ft
  • irritability and/or uncommon sleepiness or weak point.

There are lots of different circumstances that may trigger these signs. For instance, strep throat may cause fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, and a “strawberry tongue,” and there are many widespread viruses that trigger stomachache, vomiting, and diarrhea. Medical doctors make the analysis of PMIS based mostly not simply on these signs, but additionally on their bodily examination in addition to medical exams that test for irritation and the way organs are functioning.

What mother and father must learn about PMIS

We’re simply studying about PMIS. At this level we’ve many extra questions than solutions. However here’s what mother and father must learn about this syndrome:

  • It’s uncommon. Whereas there’s a lot about it within the information, the variety of instances is definitely low, particularly when you think about how widespread COVID-19 has turn into. Mother and father mustn’t panic if their baby will get certainly one of these signs, or if they’re identified with COVID-19.
  • It’s treatable. Medical doctors have had success utilizing numerous therapies for irritation, in addition to therapies to assist organ methods which are having bother. Whereas there have been some deaths, most youngsters who’ve developed this syndrome have recovered.
  • It’s critical. That’s why it’s necessary to be vigilant. Name the physician in case your baby develops signs on the listing above, significantly if they’ve a protracted fever (greater than a few days). Whereas it’s particularly necessary to name in case your baby has been identified with COVID-19 and develops a number of of those signs, it is best to name even when they haven’t. In case your physician isn’t involved, that’s nice — but when the signs get any worse or simply don’t enhance, name once more or carry your baby to an emergency room.

Many mother and father are afraid to take their youngsters out of the home in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention to a health care provider’s workplace or hospital. That’s comprehensible, but it surely’s necessary to not let that worry endanger your baby’s well being. In case you are anxious about your baby — for this or any motive — name your physician. Collectively you may work out the best way to get your baby the care they want.

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For extra info on coronavirus and COVID-19, see the Harvard Well being Publishing Coronavirus Useful resource Heart.


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