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Cravings: What are They Trying to Tell Us, and How to Overcome Them


An uncontrollable pang for a sure sort of meals is one thing that everybody has gone by in some unspecified time in the future. Be it at three am for some ice cream or at 7 pm for some junk meals, we now have all been there, haven’t we? Particularly now, with the social distancing and prolonged lockdowns these meals cravings simply have to remain unfulfilled, ready to be fulfilled within the days to come back when all the things turns into secure. Meals cravings are available all styles and sizes however sadly they’re all ill-timed. You might need simply had a heavy meal, however you’ve gotten this overwhelming yearning for one thing candy, “that is weird” you begin to surprise, however in precise not a lot. Meals cravings are literally a manner of your physique signaling that it’s in want of a sure nutrient. However, earlier than we get into the which means of every craving, allow us to first perceive what are the components that trigger this overwhelming need.

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 Components that Trigger Cravings 

A number of components contribute to the sudden onset of a craving and understanding them is step one to manage that unpredictable urge for food. Listed here are some foremost causes of cravings and some useful ideas for overcoming them. 

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Lack of sleep

Our our bodies renew our vitality once we sleep and once we don’t get adequate sleep, the physique’s hormonal steadiness is altered. This imbalance then drives your physique to eat extra to maintain your vitality ranges excessive, thereby triggering cravings. Throughout this time, the cravings are most frequently for candy objects, because the sugar content material in them raises blood sugar and offers an on the spot surge of vitality.

Vitamin deficiencies

The elemental purpose for consuming a variety of meals is as a result of our physique wants important vitamins to maintain functioning. In case you are not giving your physique sufficient nutritional vitamins, proteins, fiber, fats, magnesium, and different vitamins, you’re sure to expertise cravings as a result of your physique desires what it lacks. So, one of the best ways to maintain your cravings at arm’s size is by ensuring you’re having quite a lot of meals that offer you the suitable vitamins required for the correct functioning of your physique. 

Sad Intestine

Your intestine is the epicenter of serotonin manufacturing, which is a “feel-good” chemical. To take care of feel-good ranges of serotonin, your intestine must be in tip-top form so it could possibly soak up vitamins out of your meals and pump out serotonin by your gastrointestinal tract. This course of is enormously depending on wholesome ranges and the correct steadiness of fine micro organism. However when your weight loss plan isn’t very wholesome, the unhealthy micro organism can overpower the great guys, thereby reducing ranges of serotonin and creating meals cravings. Cultivating a wholesome steadiness of fine micro organism by consuming fermented meals, taking probiotics, and embracing gut-happy habits is vital to calming your cravings.


Thirst and starvation can result in related sensations within the thoughts, inflicting you confusion. Among the best methods to maintain cravings at a secure distance is by ensuring the physique is correctly hydrated all through the day. Consuming water frequently not solely washes out toxins from the physique, but in addition ensures total well-being. 

Going by emotional hell

Disappointment, boredom, high-stress ranges are all emotional conditions that lead you to promptly cruise your kitchen pantry for some consolation meals. A number of research have proven that high-stress ranges result in cravings for sweets which ultimately result in weight achieve and bigger waist circumference. Nevertheless, since meals cravings are often for brief durations, selecting to eat healthily or indulging in some exercise can safeguard you from going for junk or different unhealthy meals. 

Anatomy of a Meals Craving and Methods to Overcome it 

Meals cravings are literally of two varieties – Selective and Non-selective. 

Selective meals cravings are cravings for a selected meals, it might be the particular person’s favourite meals like candies, French fries, ice cream, meat, or others. Non-selective cravings, then again, is a need to eat something. Nevertheless, this could be the results of actual starvation, however it will also be an indication of thirst. However has it ever crossed your thoughts, what these cravings imply and the way they’re precipitated? Right here, we shall be discussing what every meals craving is attempting to inform us and the way we are able to overcome it. 


In case you are yearning for one thing candy, then it’s your physique’s manner of claiming your blood sugar ranges are low and it wants on the spot vitality. The one situation is that if you happen to fulfill this craving by aiming for a doughnut or a bit of sweet, chances are high that it could possibly make your sugar ranges spike, adopted by a sugar crash, triggering one other candy craving. So one of the best ways to keep away from this sticky state of affairs (particularly when you’re attempting to look at your weight) is to drink some water first after which eat a fruit together with some protein-rich meals like curd, nuts, or seeds. 


Some folks crave meals like chips, mixtures, or savory snacks for its saltiness. Generally, this could possibly be out of boredom, nonetheless, the craving may be related to low ranges of electrolytes, dehydration, adrenal fatigue, and tiredness. Extreme sweating because of extra exercise may also trigger a dip in sodium ranges, thereby, ensuing within the craving. So, the following time you crave for one thing salty, hydrating your self needs to be the very first thing you do, adopted by together with meals like nuts and seeds in your weight loss plan. 

Oily/fatty meals

Craving for greasy or fried meals is just not unusual. When you’ve gotten such a craving, it could be an indication that you’ve got an important fatty acid deficiency. So, in case your yearning for fried meals persists, it’s greatest you don’t indulge your self and comply with another that’s good on your physique. Together with good high quality fat and oils like avocado, nuts, nut butters, flaxseed, coconut oil, and salmon are a number of the greatest options one can add to their weight loss plan to combat off these greasy cravings. Steering away from trans fat, MSG, margarine, quick meals, and processed meals won’t solely scale back your cravings but in addition maintain you secure from coronary heart illness, stroke, diabetes, and different power circumstances.

Carbohydrates/Junk meals

The considered having some scrumptious pasta, garlic bread, noodles, crackers, maintain hovering in your head?! Properly, this craving is an indication so as to add extra fiber to your weight loss plan for higher blood sugar management. Longing for carbohydrates or junk meals is generally precipitated because of indicators similar to hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, chromium deficiency, or fatigue. To get this craving beneath management you could must devour extra magnesium-rich fruit and veggies like bananas, apples, spinach, broccoli, and celery. Consuming small frequent meals to curb these cravings can also be a great way to go. 

Bitter meals

Longing for unripe mangoes, pickles, tamarind, or different bitter meals is your physique’s manner of telling you there may be an imbalance in your intestine. It’s largely precipitated because of acidity/improper digestion, excessive consumption of fat-rich meals, or you could be experiencing a whole lot of stress recently. To curb this craving, all it’s important to do is drink heat water with half a lemon squeezed in it or you’ll be able to add citrus fruits or watermelon in your weight loss plan. 


Probably the most widespread cravings of all time is chocolate. Chocolate cravings signify a magnesium deficiency. A deficiency of chromium, vitamin B, important fatty acids, and even emotional issues or stress may be the reason why you’re craving chocolate. Chocolate is a wealthy supply of magnesium, with the best kind coming from 100% cocoa. Including 70% of darkish chocolate, together with extra entire grains which are wealthy in vitamin B, and getting adequate sleep to de-stress can all assist in curbing chocolate cravings. 

Spicy Meals

Craving spicy meals is your physique’s manner of signaling it desires to chill off. You may suppose that is unusual, however spicy meals makes you sweat which helps in case your physique is overheated. Congestion or lowered immunity are additionally another the reason why you could be craving spicy meals. How will you overcome the craving?! Properly, you’ll be able to first cool off by having a glass of water however in the long term you can begin by together with pungent meals and spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garlic, turmeric & pepper. Nevertheless, we do advocate you steer clear of scorching sauces similar to sriracha or schezwan.  


Who knew cravings may imply so many issues, proper?! Properly, it’s essential to concentrate to those cravings, as a result of it’s the physique’s manner of sending us essential messages. So, the following time you are feeling like succumbing to them, it is best to rethink and snack on a number of the more healthy options we now have talked about. Your physique will thanks for positive. 

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