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Best Foods for Flat Belly – Part 1 – Indian Weight Loss Blog


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I’m again with one other listing of meals :). Presenting to you the listing of Finest Meals for Flat Stomach ! Because the listing is lengthy, I’ll break it into elements.

Ladies tend to placed on weight round stomach. Nevertheless, water retention and bloating are different devils which trigger tummy to swell and look larger. These meals assist to shrink stomach :). With none delay , right here it goes –


Papaya is understood to assist digestion. It helps the break down of meals sooner and relieving bloating. I typically have papaya within the night, it fills the abdomen , so my evening meal might be gentle.


papaya for flat tummy



Pineapple is wealthy in fructose , therefore useful for moments if you crave for candy. It additionally helps in settling abdomen.


pineapple_tummy flattening foods




Black Pepper

I all the time add black pepper to curd , salad as a result of it’s  a improbable technique to preserve away bloating. It helps in digestion too.

black pepper_tummy flattening foods




Often called ajwaaain in Hindi. It helps to flush toxins from the physique.

celery_tummy flattening foods


Crimson peppers enhance metabolism. They’re wealthy in Vitamin C and assist to battle candy cravings.

peppers_tummy flattening foods

Inexperienced Tea

Inexperienced tea is understood for its anti-oxidants. It may be safely taken 3-Four occasions a day. It flushes extra fluids and reduces bloating and water retention. It will increase metabolism and helps fats burning. Extremely advisable by docs and nutritionists!


Do you know that Tomato is a fruit and we use it in our tadka’s for all veggies 😀 ? Tomatoes are stuffed with antioxidants and cut back water retention in physique.


Many people hate Garlic’s odor 😛 . Garlic is wealthy in anti-oxidants and allicin. Allicin helps to kill many dangerous micro organism and viruses in our physique. That is one purpose why Indian curries do include garlic.

garlic_tummy flattening fods


Cucumber has related slimming properties. It eases water retention and bloating within the physique.

cucumber_tummy flattening foods


Picture Supply : 1 , 2, 3, 4,  5, 6, 7, 8, 9

And it goes on …………….

By the way in which, which out of those meals i.e papaya , pineapple, black pepper, celery, pepper , inexperienced tea, tomato, garlic and cucumber – Do you eat probably the most ?


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