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9 Myths and Facts about Novel Coronavirus to be Aware of


The latest outbreak of novel coronavirus globally has given rise to a number of information articles, movies, and social media posts. All of them speaking about preventive measures, signs, origin, and what to do and what to not. Though all these sources try to result in consciousness, it has additionally given rise to a number of myths which have led to individuals both refraining from or overeating a sure sort of meals, retaining their pets away from themselves or taking “out of 1’s thoughts” security measures. Subsequently, we at HealthifyMe want to maintain our customers knowledgeable in regards to the a number of myths which are doing the rounds and the details for a similar. 

Delusion: Novel Coronavirus can’t unfold in sizzling/humid climates

Truth:  From the proof up to now, novel coronavirus will be unfold in all areas regardless of the climate/local weather. Whatever the temperature of the realm, at all times make sure that to take preventive measures reminiscent of washing your fingers with cleaning soap and water or utilizing an alcohol-based sanitizer. By following this, you not solely keep away from any type of an infection but additionally get rid of the possibilities of the virus spreading.

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Delusion: Coronavirus will be transmitted by way of mosquito bites

Novel Coronavirus cannot be spread through mosquitoes.

Truth: To this point, there was no proof stating that Novel Coronavirus will be unfold by way of mosquitoes. This virus is a respiratory virus and spreads primarily by way of droplets when an individual coughs or sneezes or by way of droplets of saliva or discharge from the nostril. To guard yourselves, it’s suggested that you just maintain your fingers clear always and keep away from shut contact with anybody having signs of chilly or cough. 

Delusion: Pets can unfold Novel Coronavirus

pets cannot be infected or transmit the disease

Truth: No proof states that pets will be contaminated or transmit the illness. Nevertheless, to be on the secure facet, its greatest to scrub your fingers with cleaning soap and water after coming involved along with your pet. By doing this you shield your self from infections and different illnesses reminiscent of E.coli and Salmonella that may move between pets and people. 

Delusion: Consuming garlic may help you from contracting Novel Coronavirus

garlic cannot help prevent Coronavirus

Truth: Little question, garlic is a wholesome meals that will have some antimicrobial properties that assist build immunity. Nevertheless, there was no proof stating that consuming garlic may help stop Coronavirus, says WHO

Delusion: Rinsing your nostril with saline will assist stop infections with Novel Coronavirus

Regularly rinsing the nose with saline connot protect you from Coronavirus

Truth: There isn’t any proof that usually rinsing the nostril with saline has protected individuals from Coronavirus. Sure, rinsing your nostril with saline does assist keep at bay the widespread chilly, however usually rinsing your nostril has not been proven to forestall respiratory diseases. 

Delusion: Coronavirus can have an effect on solely older individuals

Coronavirus affects everyone irrespective of age

Truth: The novel coronavirus impacts everybody regardless of age. So, it’s crucial that you just comply with good hand and respiratory hygiene. Nevertheless, it’s true that older individuals and folks with medical situations reminiscent of diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, and coronary heart illnesses are extra prone to changing into severely in poor health when affected by this virus. 

Delusion: Antibiotics are efficient in stopping and treating Novel Coronavirus

Antibiotics can only help you fight bacteria not coronavirus

Truth: Antibiotics can solely enable you struggle micro organism. COVID 19 being a virus will stay unaffected, states WHO. Nevertheless, when you have been affected by the virus, docs are seen prescribing antibiotics to these contaminated with the virus for they will catch bacterial infections too. 

Delusion: Novel Coronavirus is treatable with a selected vaccine

No specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat Novel Coronavirus.

Truth: Thus far, there was no particular drugs really useful to forestall or deal with Novel Coronavirus. Scientists are but to find a treatment for the virus. A number of establishments together with WHO are serving to to speed up analysis and improvement efforts on making the antidote. Till then, it is strongly recommended that each one precautionary measures be taken to maintain the virus at bay.

Delusion: Vaccines towards pneumonia shield you towards novel coronavirus

No, vaccines against pneumonia, can protection against coronavirus.

Truth: No, vaccines towards pneumonia, don’t present safety towards the brand new coronavirus. For the reason that virus is so new and completely different, it wants its personal vaccine. Researchers try to develop a vaccine towards 2019-nCoV, and WHO is supporting their efforts. Though these vaccines aren’t efficient towards 2019-nCoV, vaccination towards respiratory diseases is very really useful to guard your well being.  

In conclusion, when contemplating a brand new an infection about which a lot remains to be unknown, it’s necessary to bear in mind and hunt down dependable data and act on it. We hope that the above myths and details have helped you determine the fitting from the fallacious and have sufficiently armed you in taking the fitting actions to forestall your self and family members from this respiratory sickness. 


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