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10 Fresh Produce Items with A Long Shelf Life – Super Healthy Kids


Select these produce gadgets that allow you to get pleasure from contemporary meals for an prolonged time period with out going again to the shop.

Obtained fruits and veggies with a brief shelf life? Try our freezer guide for fresh produce to make them final.

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Much less Frequent Buying Journeys

Within the age of COVID-19, we’re being requested to hunker down, keep dwelling, and cut back non-essential journeys to public areas. Collectively, we’re spacing out our journeys to the shop, and consuming extra non-perishable meals. And frozen fruits and veggies have gotten a mainstay!

However simply because we’re procuring much less regularly doesn’t imply we have to forgo contemporary produce altogether. These ten contemporary produce gadgets final a very long time when correctly saved… between two weeks and three MONTHS.

Decide up a few of these veggies for your loved ones the following time you refill!

10 Recent Produce Objects with a Lengthy Shelf Life

  1. Apples (as much as 2 months.) Retailer entire apples within the fridge.
  2. Oranges (as much as four weeks.) Retailer entire oranges within the fridge.
  3. Potatoes (as much as 5 weeks.) Retailer in a cool, darkish place, however don’t refrigerate.
  4. Winter squashes (as much as three months.) Retailer butternut and acorn squashes in a cool, dry place, however don’t refrigerate.
  5. Onions (as much as 2 months.) Retailer them in a cool, dry place, separate from potatoes.
  6. Candy Potatoes (as much as 5 weeks.) Retailer in a cool, dry place, however don’t refrigerate.
  7. Beets (as much as 2 weeks.) Lower off the greens and refrigerate in a breathable bag.
  8. Cabbage (as much as 2 months.) Retailer entire heads within the fridge.
  9. Carrots (as much as four weeks.) Lower off the greens (if crucial) and refrigerate.
  10. Celery (as much as 2 weeks.) Purchase entire celery (not hearts) and retailer within the fridge.

Produce Storage Information

This chart provides you with a good suggestion of how lengthy produce lasts and the easiest way to retailer it.


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